Saturday, 2 May 2009

Creative Struggle

First and foremost: Sorry, Krumbine. I promised you I'd be posting a snippet of a potential novel, but that just isn't going to happen. I went back and read over what I had feverishly scribbled down and noticed something very distinct about it. It's a huge piece of crap. 

Yes. My writing, for far too long now, has been just terrible. I can't write anything creatively as of late, and it's becoming a really painful struggle. I love writing. I love putting pen to paper and just seeing what happens. The problem lately is that when I write, while I'm writing, I think what I'm writing is genius, unheard of magnificence. A day later when I go back to re-read what I've written I come to the startling realization that what I wrote is horrible, terrible, should-never-see-the-light-of-day crap. 

The weird thing about this is that other parts of my creativity are flourishing. I love my paintings and drawings lately, which never ever happens. I've been getting video ideas [though I tend to either be too lazy, or not have the resources to produce said videos]. I feel creatively charged, but my writing is suffering. It's not as organic as it used to be, but everything that wasn't is now. 

Also, on a completely separate note entirely, I'm thinking of getting into freelance make-up artistry. I used to always want to be a makeup artist, but I never really pursued it. However, I am in desperate need of money and figured I might as well give it a try. The only problem is I need teh makeup products. Consequence of being poor is that I cannot afford them. Alas, thwarted again by the stupid economy. 

Right. So. How are you? 


The Fabulous One said...

What happened to phlebotomy?

Harberette said...

can't take the phlebotomy course until the fall [problems with student loan stuff. ugh] so I need stuff to do to make money over the summer.

jordancg said...

Not being able to write is a bitch. But maybe it's not writer's block. As much as I like this idea for Destructive Criticism, I haven't written but five lines in the past week for it. Am I stuck with it? A little, yes, but only because I need to, I dunno, find the flow again.

My point is that maybe it's not writer's block ... maybe it's just that you're not writing the right stuff.