Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New Beginning

More writing, which will possibly be more terrible than ever. I've lost all inspiration, and I'm fairly certain it all started with an insult.

ONE person disliked my writing, over a year ago, and now I feel crippled. It rests more on WHO it was rather than WHAT they said. The man I love disliked my writing to the point that I took it as an insult. I know he didn't mean it, but he immediately and harshly critiqued my craft.

All I wanted was to share with him something I was proud of...

Never doing that again, I assure you.

1 comment:

Robb said...

Stephen Fry threatened to stop posting on twitter because one person out of tens of thousands said he was ' a bit boring'

it takes only one person to collapse all we have done and deter us from all that we love, do not give up your passions for those who not deserve them!