Thursday, 16 April 2009

Hello...Is it me you're looking for?

I epic-ly failed at BEDA. But I don't really give a crap. I mean, I'm doing it for me and if I don't feel like writing anything then I shouldn't. Correct? Correct. 

I've been off and on considering all day whether or not there is a Hell. Like, an actual place, I mean. Or is there just the Hell that we create for ourselves on Earth?? 



The Fabulous One said...

To your first question: incorrect.To your second question: the only Hell is that which you create for yourself. Batteries not included, indeed.

Robb said...

There is no hell, no physical form of it anyway, just the feeling bad when you go against your own morals, that feels like hell.

There will be no flames, no torture,no man/beast with horns and demons.

I asked the preist at the church near my house what heaven was, they said that all people (like himself) should tell you that, heaven and hell isnt a place at all, its a time, something that is coming, something good, or something bad, depending if You have been good or bad.

the good deserve a reward, the bad do not.

you only get one life, so live it! =)

jordancg said...

If I can be bluntly honest without infringing on your feelings too much, it is my opinion that the epic fail, for a creative writer, is waiting for some kind of outside influence to motivate them.

I think the goal should be, whenever something like Blog Every Day (for a week/month/whatever) comes up, the response should invariably be:

"Pfft, whatev. I already do that. How about something that actually stimulates and challenges the creativity? Like, for example, Blog Every Day as Sex-Deprived Baptist Cow Wrangler with Attention Deficit Disorder. Bitches."