Friday, 3 April 2009

Today is the day that I start blogging again. 

There's this thing going around called "BEDA" [better translated as "Blog Every Day April" or something]. Seeing as I am part of the Youtube community [a small, insignificant part...but a part none the less] my subscription box has been littered with VEDA [VLOG every day April] videos or videos telling people about BEDA. I have also realized, due to this event, that I am an insufferable trend-whore. As such, I will be participating in BEDA. However, more importantly, I've decided to start blogging again in general. You may have noticed [which you didn't, and that's totally OK] that I haven't posted a blog since July of 2008, just two days after I started dating Ben. [that early July post about a boy was about him. Obviously, things worked out.] 

I feel like I need to blog. Not because it's important, or because I'm important, but because of two other immutable facts: 1] I suck at vlogging on a regular basis. 2] I don't have a whole lot of friends to discuss things with on a regular basis [ though my friends are amazing, we're just all busy people ]

So, for today, I think I'll leave it at that. 

P.S. Today is one of my best friends birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! I love you more than ... lots and lots of things. <3 

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