Saturday, 4 April 2009

Short and Useless

As the title states, this entry is going to be short and useless. 

Today, despite all malfunctions of my health, was pretty good. 
I spent the entire night cuddling with the boyfriend, which is always lovely and amazing. [Sorry if happy relationships make you throw up a little. I understand...] 
We went to a going-away-shindig-type-thing in the AM/early afternoon. Unfortunately, my current severe anemia caught up with me half way through and I got horrifyingly weak and we were forced to leave. Ben got a free tape-measure out of the whole thing, which I thought was sort of odd. Then there was lots of napping, and Tommy, and food, and movie watching, and more napping.

The most severely annoying thing about being so severely anemic is that I'm not actually sleepy. I don't need extra sleep, really. I'm just incredibly physically exhausted. I can expend the most minute amount of physical effort and feel as if I'm going to vomit [which I usually do]. 

Like I said, this entry is useless. I feel horribly whiney. I'm gonna go watch something silly and snuggle with the boy toy. 

Wish me lots of iron-rich food sources. 


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