Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I'm failing miserably at BEDA, and for that I am sorry. I meant to post yesterday. Really. I did. It's just that the day got away from me. [mhm mhm...bullshit bullshit...] I had to fake going to school [and by this of course I mean going to the library and reading Alice in Wonderland for 2 hours] and then go to bible class [it was the last night/session btw] so I didn't get home until AFTER midnight [aka: the next day/today!]. 
So yes. You are correct. I am a loser. 
On a lighter note: I made a friend today! I feel like such a five-year-old saying that, but it's true. My scene partner [in my Acting II class] and I found out that we have a plethora of things in common. She's actually pretty awesome, and may even be interested in coming to fellowship sometime. Plus we both have awesome ADD, so it works out well. We like shiny things. 
I'm gonna go find me some food now. I ate once today. Not a good idea. 


Jamie said...

Hi, random person with a random messege.
Since i dont really know you that well, i dont know if this blog contains real self put downs or if they were just written as throwaway loser comments that you didnt mean, but if they were the former then your not a loser and if they were the latter then you already know that.
I am assuming they were the latter as i cannot see any part of that blog that portrays you in any loser type light.

I told you this was random.

The Fabulous One said...

Wow. Jamie's random.

In addition: I am lightly scolding via blog comment for pretending to go to class and not going legit.