Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I work in this coffee shop and there's this woman that comes in everyday about 15 minutes before we're open. She just walks in and takes the chairs down off the tables and makes herself at home. She begs for cream and sugar [because, obviously, at that point I hadn't put it out yet] and gripes and moans about her neighbors and being old and everything you could possibly exaggerate on to make people pity you. And so, there's this woman that I essentially hate. She is a pain and she is a bigot and she is old. I dislike the elderly. I'm not quite sure why. They just bother me. Like, Shouldn't your time be up? Isn't it my turn? Aren't you the very reason they created retirement homes and communities? I can hardly fathom her reasoning for bothering me at a quarter to 6 in the morning. Maybe I'm just special. Or maybe she's just crazy. 

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